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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Two-stage surgical treatment of severe Cherubism
Author: Raposo-Amaral, CE
Guidi, MD
Warren, SM
Almeida, AB
Amstalden, EMI
Tiziane, V
Raposo-Amaral, CM
Abstract: Cherubism is an auto somal-dominant syndrome characterized by excessive bilateral maxillomandibular bony degeneration followed by fibrous tissue hyperplasia. Eight patients (age, 6-15 years; mean, 11 years) with severe cherubism were treated with a 2-stage operation by the same senior surgeon (C.M.R.-A.) over an 18-year period, 1987 through 2005. Severity was based on a modified Motamedi classification system. The diagnosis was established clinically, radiographically, and histologically. Postoperative follow up ranged from 2 to 18 years (mean, 5.1 years). All patients underwent 2-stage surgical treatment. In the first stage, the anterior wall of the maxilla was osteotomized and removed (n = 5). The cherubic lesion was curetted from the maxilla and orbits. The maxilla was recontoured on the back table and then fixed orthotopically with wires. Alternatively, cortical bone windows were created, the maxillary and orbital lesions were curetted, and the maxilla was infractured and recontoured in situ with manual pressure (n = 3). Six months after the maxillary/orbital procedure, all patients underwent second-stage curettage and recontouring of the mandible using bony access windows and manual infiracture. Satisfactory esthetic results were achieved in all patients. The patients remained clinically and radiographically disease-free throughout the follow-up period. The most profoundly affected patient sustained bilateral lower eyelid ectropion that resolved with full-thickness skin grafting. Although cherubism tends to abate by the fourth decade of life, early 2-stage surgical curettage provides a simple and reliable treatment that not only delivers immediate results, but also seems to arrest the growth of any remaining cherubic tissue.
Subject: Cherubism
cherubic lesion
staged operation
Country: EUA
Editor: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1097/
Date Issue: 2007
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