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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: A new species of Scinax (Anura : Hylidae) from rocky montane fields of the Serra do Cipo, Southeastern Brazil
Author: Pugliese, A
Pombal, JP
Sazima, I
Abstract: Scinax curicica, a new species of treefrog of the Scinax ruber group is described from southeastern Brazil. The new species was previously considered as a slightly different population of Scinax duartei from State of Minas Gerais and is characterized by subacuminate snout in dorsal view, rounded in lateral view; canthus rostralis straight to nearly curved; brown to gray dorsal background with a interocular blotch extending in two longitudinal stripes to inguinal region with or without interruptions; yellow flash color blotches on hidden surfaces of thigh; height of caudal fins of tadpoles; advertisement call with multipulsed note, large number of pulses, and long call duration. Descriptions of the advertisement call, tadpole and data on natural history are provided.
Subject: new species
advertisement call
natural history
southeastern Brazil
Country: Nova Zelândia
Editor: Magnolia Press
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 2004
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