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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Sulfur isotope characteristics of mesothermal gold deposits: Results of an investigation of the Rio Itapicuru Region, Bahia, Brazil
Author: Geraldes, MC
de Abreu, GC
Pires, PR
Mello, FF
Iyer, SS
Abstract: Stable isotope analyses were carried out on sulfides from three mesothermal gold deposits of the Rio Itapicuru greenstone belt. (Fazenda Brasileiro, Maria Preta, and Ambrosio mines) to constrain the source of the hydrothermal solutions. The ores are hosted in a volcanic-sedimentary sequence that evolved in an Archean cratonic area reworked during the Transamazonic event (ca. 2.1 Ga). The ore bodies were deposited by hydrothermal solutions in polycyclic shear zones generated by Paleoproterozoic dynamothermal metamorphism. In the Fazenda Brasileiro deposit, delta S-34 values for arsenopyrite from mineralized quartz veins range from 5.5 parts per thousand to +1.0 parts per thousand; pyrites from Au-rich mineralized veins from the Maria Preta deposit yielded delta S-34 values ranging from +8.9 parts per thousand to +6.9 parts per thousand, in agreement with published delta S-34 data (+0.7 parts per thousand to +6.6 parts per thousand). A narrow spread in the delta S-34 values for Au-rich sulfides from both deposits indicates that gold deposition occurred under conditions involving a small range of fO(2) and fH(2)O. A Barren, galena-rich vein from the Ambrosio deposit yielded delta S-34 values in the -7.6 parts per thousand to -9.9 parts per thousand range, probably reflecting mixing of different sources. These results, compared to Stable sulfur isotope modeling of lode gold deposits, indicate: that the studied deposits formed from hydrothermal solutions of metamorphic origin followed by duluite solutions of magmatic origin.
Country: EUA
Editor: V H Winston & Son Inc
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.2747/0020-6814.48.5.410
Date Issue: 2006
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