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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: User-author centered multimedia building blocks
Author: Santanche, A
Medeiros, CB
Pastorello, GZ
Abstract: The advances of multimedia models and tools popularized the access and production of multimedia contents: in this new scenario, there is no longer a clear distinction between authors and end-users of a production. These user-authors often work in a collaborative way. As end-users, they collectively participate in interactive environments, consuming multimedia artifacts. In their authors' role, instead of starting from scratch, they often reuse others' productions, which can be decomposed, fusioned and transformed to meet their goals. Since the need for sharing and adapting productions is felt by many communities, there has been a proliferation of standards and mechanisms to exchange complex digital objects, for distinct application domains. However, these initiatives have created another level of complexity, since people have to define which share/ reuse solution they want to adopt, and may even have to resort to programming tasks. They also lack effective strategies to combine these reused artifacts. This paper presents a solution to this demand, based on a user-author centered multimedia building block model-the digital content component (DCC). DCCs upgrade the notion of digital objects to digital components, as they homogenously wrap any kind of digital content (e.g., multimedia artifacts, software) inside a single component abstraction. The model is fully supported by a software infrastructure, which exploits the model's semantic power to automate low level technical activities, thereby freeing user-authors to concentrate on creative tasks. Model and infrastructure improve recent research initiatives to standardize the means of sharing and reuse domain specific digital contents. The paper's contributions are illustrated using examples implemented in a DCC-based authoring tool, in real life situations.
Subject: content composition
ontology-based annotation
digital content component
multimedia authoring
reusable content
reusable components
Country: EUA
Editor: Springer
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s00530-006-0050-0
Date Issue: 2007
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