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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: The pollination of Stenorrhynchos lanceolatus (Aublet) L. C. Rich. (Orchidaceae : Spiranthinae) by hummingbirds in southeastern Brazil
Author: Singer, RB
Sazima, M
Abstract: Hummingbird pollination is documented for a natural population of Stenorrhynchos lanceolatus Aublet. L. C. Rich. occurring in Rio de Janeiro State, southeastern Brazil. At the study site the plants are pollinated by Phaethornis eurynome (Phaethorninae), Thalurania glaucopis (females only) and Leucochloris albicollis (Trochilinae). The plants offer nectar as a reward and the pollinaria become stuck to the surface of the hummingbird's bill while it is probing the flowers. The orchid population received a few (0 4) hummingbird visits per day, with about 83% of the flowers being pollinated. In spite of the low frequency of visits, the granular structure of the pollinarum plus the behaviour of the most frequent pollinators, which tend to visit all the fresh-looking flowers of each inflorescence, a very high fruiting success was promoted. Experimental evidence suggests that the pollinaria may remain up to 6.30 hours on the hummingbird's bill, enhancing the chances of cross-pollination and long-distance pollen flow.
Subject: orchids
Stenorrhynchos lanceolatus
Country: Austria
Editor: Springer-verlag Wien
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/BF00985281
Date Issue: 2000
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