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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Sperm morphology and arrangement along the male reproductive tract of the butterfly Euptoieta hegesia (Insecta : Lepidoptera)
Author: Mancini, K
Dolder, H
Abstract: The present study was undertaken to describe the morphological and organizational modifications that occur in apyrene and eupyrene spermatozoa along the male adult reproductive tract of the butterfly, Euptoieta hegesia. Testis, vas deferens, vesicula seminalis and ductus ejaculatorius were studied by transmission electron microscopy. In the testis, both sperm types are organized into cysts; apyrene sperm are devoid of extracellular structures while eupyrene ones have lacinate and reticular appendages. In the testis basal region, both sperm pass through an epithelial barrier and lose their cystic envelope. The eupyrene morphological and organizational modifications are more drastic than the apyrene ones. From the vas deferens to the ductus ejaculatorius, apyrene sperm are dispersed in the lumen and acquire several concentric layers that are formed by the folding of their abundant cell membrane. The apyrene distribution observed here suggests that their functions include eupyrene transportation. Eupyrene sperm, however, remain aggregated along the tract. In the vas deferens, they are covered by a filamentous material that develops into a homogeneous matrix surrounding the spermatozoa coat in the vesicula seminalis and the ductus ejaculatorius. Eupyrene sperm undergo complex morphological changes that include the loss of lacinate appendages and the formation of a dense and heterogeneous extracellular coat. The formation of the matrix and the coat in eupyrene extratesticular sperm is related to the loss of lacinate appendages. These changes are in general extracellular and are probably important for sperm maturation.
Subject: ultrastructure
reproductive tract
Country: Israel
Editor: Int Science Services/balaban Publishers
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1080/07924259.2003.9652561
Date Issue: 2003
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