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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Speculations on a cooperative phenomena-type local realistic theory
Author: Buonomano, V
Abstract: We speculate an a conceivable type of local realistic theory, which we calla cooperative phenomena-type local realistic theory. In an experimental apparatus to measure second- or fourth-order interference effects, if imagines that there exists a stable global pattern or mode in a hypothesized medium that is at least the size of the coherence volume of all the involved beams. If you change the position of a mirror, beam splitter, polarizer or state preparation, or black a beam, then a new and different stable global state is entered very quickly. In an interferometer, a photon passes only one arm of the apparatus but knows if the other arm is open or closed since the global pattern through which it travels contains this information and guides if appropriately. In a polarization correlation experiment, two distant polarizers are part of the same global pattern or state, which is very rapidly determined by the whale apparatus. If is experimentally testable. The situation in relation to special relativity is also discussed.
Subject: Bell's inequality
EPR paradox
wave-particle paradox
cooperative phenomena
complex systems
Country: Canadá
Editor: Physics Essays Publication
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 2000
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