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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Seed controlled deterioration of three interspecific elephant grass x pearl millet hybrids
Author: Pozitano, M
Usberti, R
Abstract: In order to allow using seeds from three interspecific elephant grass x pearl millet hybrids (Original, Cutting and Grazing-types) to set pasture fields, it became necessary to analyze their performances in relation to storage conditions and controlled deterioration. Five moisture content levels and three storage temperatures (40, 50 and 65 degrees C) have been tested for each hybrid. Seed sub samples for each moisture content and storage temperature combination were sealed in laminated aluminum foil packages and stored at those temperatures until complete survival curves have been obtained. The recurrent selection increased seed initial quality (Ki) for grazing-type population (lower and more tillered plants); however inverse results were observed for cutting-type population (higher and less tillered plants). Viability equation constants estimated for Cutting-type, Original and Grazing-type hybrids are: K(E) = 8.417, 7.735 and 8.285; C(w) = 5.037, 4.658 and 4.522; C(H) = 0.02309, 0.01969 and 0.03655; C(Q) = 0.000436; 0.000403 and 0.000300, respectively. The viability equation constants for the hybrids are K(E) = 8.033; C(w) = 4.662; C(H) = 0.02544; C(Q) = 0.000386. Through the equations, it is feasible to estimate the germination percentage of a seed lot after different storage conditions.
Subject: Pennisetum purpureum x P. glaucum
recurrent selection
viability equation
Country: Brasil
Editor: Revista Brasileira Zootecnia Brazilian Journal Animal Sci
Rights: aberto
Date Issue: 2009
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