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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Gold complexes with benzimidazole derivatives: synthesis, characterization and biological studies
Author: Mota, VZ
de Carvalho, GSG
da Silva, AD
Costa, LAS
Machado, PD
Coimbra, ES
Ferreira, CV
Shishido, SM
Cuin, A
Abstract: Synthesis, characterization, DFT studies and biological assays of new gold(I) and gold(III) complexes of benzimidazole are reported. Molecular and structural characterizations of the compounds were based on elemental (C, H and N) and thermal (TG-DTA) analyses, and FT-IR and UV-Visible spectroscopic measurements. The structures of complexes were proposed based DFT calculations. The benzimidazole compounds (Lig1 and Lig2) and the gold complexes were tested against three Leishmania species related to cutaneous manifestations of leishmaniasis. The free benzimidazole compounds showed no leishmanicidal activity. On the other hand, the gold(I and III) complexes have shown to possess significant activity against Leishmania in both stages of parasite, and the gold(III) complex with Lig2 exhibited expressive leishmanicidal activity with IC50 values below 5.7 mu M. Also, the gold complexes showed high leishmania selectivity. The gold(I) complex with Lig1, for example, is almost 50 times more toxic for the parasite than for macrophages. Besides the leishmanicidal activity, all complexes exhibited toxic effect against SK-Mel 103 and Balb/c 3T3, cancer cells.
Subject: Benzimidazole
Country: Holanda
Editor: Springer
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s10534-014-9703-1
Date Issue: 2014
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