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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Feedback-controlled photorefractive two-beam coupling
Author: Kamenov, VP
Ringhofer, KH
Sturman, BI
Frejlich, J
Abstract: We show that a certain phase feedback between output and input changes dramatically the characteristics of photorefractive two-beam coupling. The diffraction efficiency of the dynamic phase grating, eta, reaches 1 or 0 (depending on the feedback sign) within a finite time for a wide range of experimental parameters. The spatial-temporal behavior of the wave amplitudes is strongly nonlinear and the grating fringes for eta=1 or 0 are bended but not tilted. The theory elucidates a number of empirical observations and reveals the great potential of active stabilization for applications.
Country: EUA
Editor: American Physical Soc
Citation: Physical Review A. American Physical Soc, v. 56, n. 4, n. R2541, n. R2544, 1997.
Rights: aberto
Date Issue: 1997
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