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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Evaluation of intramolecular energy transfer process in the lanthanide(III) bis- and tris-(TTA) complexes: Photoluminescent and triboluminescent behavior
Author: Teotonio, EES
Fett, GM
Brito, HF
Faustino, WM
de Sa, GF
Felinto, MCFC
Santos, RHA
Abstract: This work reports the energy transfer mechanism process of [Eu(TTA)(2)(NO(3))(TPPO)(2)] (bis-TTA complex) and [Eu(TTA)(3)(TPPO)(2)] (tris-TTA complex) based on experimental and theoretical spectroscopic properties, where TTA = 2-thienoyltrifluoroacetone and TPPO = triphenylphosphine oxide. These complexes were synthesized and characterized by elemental analyses, infrared spectroscopy and thermogavimetric analysis. The theoretical complexes geometry data by using Sparkle model for the calculation of lanthanide complexes (SMLC) is in agreement with the crystalline structure determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. The emission spectra for [Gd(TTA)(3)(TPPO)(2)] and [Gd(TTA)(2) (NO(3))(TPPO)(2)] complexes are associated to T -> S(0) transitions centered on coordinated TTA ligands. Experimental luminescent properties of the bis-TTA complex have been quantified through emission intensity parameters Omega(lambda)(lambda = 2 and 4), spontaneous emission rates (A(rad)), luminescence lifetime (tau), emission quantum efficiency (eta) and emission quantum yield (q), which were compared with those for tris-TTA complex. The experimental data showed that the intensity parameter value for bis-TTA complex is twice smaller than the one for tris-TTA complex, indicating the less polarizable chemical environment in the system containing nitrate ion. A good agreement between the theoretical and experimental quantum yields for both Eu(Ill) complexes was obtained. The triboluminescence (TL) of the [Eu(TTA)(2)(NO(3))(TPPO)(2)] complexes are discussed in terms of ligand-to-metal energy transfer. (c) 2007 Elsevier B.V. All fights reserved.
Subject: lanthanide ions
photo and triboluminescence
Country: Holanda
Editor: Elsevier Science Bv
Citation: Journal Of Luminescence. Elsevier Science Bv, v. 128, n. 2, n. 190, n. 198, 2008.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1016/j.jlumin.2007.07.005
Date Issue: 2008
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