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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Effect of Pre-processing Controlled Atmosphere Storage on the Quality of Fresh-cut Galia Melons
Author: Benedetti, BC
Gomez, P
Martins, M
Conesa, A
Artes, F
Abstract: The effects of controlled atmosphere (CA) storage of whole Galia melon on its physical, chemical, and sensory quality after minimal processing were evaluated. High quality Fruits washed with 200 mg/L NaClO water solution were stored at 8 degrees C and 95% RH under CA of 4 kPa O(2) + 15 kPa CO(2) (T1), 4 kPa O(2) + 10 kPa CO(2) (T2) and 21 kPa O(2) + 0 kPa CO(2) (T3, air as control). Melons were removed from CA after 10 and 28 days, kept in air at 5 degrees C for 24 h and then minimally processed in a disinfected cold room at 5 degrees C. Trapezoidal sections were washed with 100 mg/L NaCIO, rinsed and drained. Melon pieces were placed in polypropylene (PP) trays which were heat sealed with in oriented PP film of 35 pin thickness and stored at 5 degrees C. After 9 days the atmosphere within packages was dependent of pre-storage time, but very similar for the three pre-storage CA treatments: around 2 kPa O(2) + 21 kPa CO(2) for those stored 10 days and 3kPa O(2) + 31 kPa CO(2) for those stored during 28 days. Overall quality of minimally processed Galia melon was affected by pre-processing conditions. Trapezoidal sections obtained from melons previously stored during 28 days at 8 degrees C under 4 kPa 02 + 15 kPa CO(2) and MAP stored for 7 days at 5 degrees C showed the highest Firmness and the best sensory quality. However, for all the cases, microbial counts were over the legal limits. Alternative disinfection procedures should be developed to guarantee safety of the product.
Subject: GALIA melon
modified atmosphere packaging
microbial safety
sensory quality
Country: Inglaterra
Editor: Sage Publications Ltd
Citation: Food Science And Technology International. Sage Publications Ltd, v. 14, n. 13, n. 19, 2008.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1177/1082013208095697
Date Issue: 2008
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