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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Determination of judo endurance performance using the Uchi-Komi technique and an adapted lactate minimum test
Author: Azevedo, PHSM
Drigo, AJ
Carvalho, MCGA
Oliveira, JC
Nunes, JED
Baldissera, V
Perez, SEA
Abstract: This study aimed to evaluate the viability to use Uchi-komi (UK) in the evaluation of the judo endurance performance and using lactate threshold the analysis of the blood lactate ([Lac]) and heart rate (HR) determined through a lactate minimum test. The subjects were a group of 6 male, volunteer judokas, from 25.17 +/- 5.76 years old, weight 84.50 +/- 23.78 kg and height 1.78 +/- 0.10 m, competitors of different levels of performance ( from regional to international competitions) and match experience of (11 +/- 6) years old. Three tests were performed: a) 3000 m dash in track, b) the adapted test of lactate minimum for running and c) for UK, with execution of the blow ippon-seoi-nague. No significant difference was evident for the track tests and UK in relation to blood lactate and heart rate (p > 0.05) (3.87 +/- 0.38 vs 4.17 +/- 0.54 mmol center dot L-1 and 167 +/- 2 vs 152 +/- 7 b center dot min(-1), respectively). In conclusion it is stressed that: 1) The specific test for lactate minimum in judo sport is a promising possibility of aerobic capacity evaluation and a instrument of intensity training control; 2) The metabolic profile in V-1m and UK1m is similar, because there are not differences in the [Lac] and in the HR at this intensity; 3) It is possible to estimate the training intensity through the determination of the lactate minimum intensity in running (V-1m) and the Heart Rate associated (HR) from the execution of ippon-seoi-nague (uchi-komi) in judo training; 4) The V-1m for judo athletes is approximately 88% of the V-3000.
Subject: judo
lactate threshold
heart rate
Country: Turquia
Editor: Journal Sports Science & Medicine
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 2007
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