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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Is Mandevilla (Apocynaceae, Mesechiteae) monophyletic? Evidence from five plastid DNA loci and morphology
Author: Simoes, AO
Endress, ME
van der Niet, T
Kinoshita, LS
Conti, E
Abstract: In order to test the monophyly of Mandevilla Lindl., the largest genus in tribe Mesechiteea (Apocynaceae, Apocynoideae). and its affinities to other genera, in the tribe. maximum parsimony analysis was conducted on a data set comprising DNA sequence, from five plastid loci (rp/16. rps16, and trnK introns: trnS(GEE)-trnG(LPC) intergenic spacer; and matK gene), as well as morphological data for 65 taxa of Mesechiteae (48, Mandevilla) and nine taxa from other tribes of the subfamily. Mandevilla, as circumscribed by Pichon, was found to be monophyletic. whereas Woodson's circumscription proved to be polyphyletic. Thus defined, Mandevilla form, it strongly supported clade that call be divided into six clades of species groups. Most of the infrageneric taxa of Mandevilla proposed by Woodson and Pichon are polyphyletic. Many of the diagnostic characters previously used to define taxonomic groups are shown to have arisen multiple times, rendering them unsuitable lot classificatory purposes. The similar growth form and tubular flowers of Macrosiphonia Mull. Arg. and Telosiphonia (Woodson) Henr, two geographically disjunct segregates, represent the most extreme case of parallel evolution within Mandevilla, with their striking similarities most likely correlated to colonization of open. dry habitats and pollination by hawkmoths.
Subject: Apocynaceae
phylogenetic systematics
Country: EUA
Editor: Missouri Botanical Garden
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.3417/0026-6493(2006)93[565:IMAMME]2.0.CO;2
Date Issue: 2006
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