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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Paulogramma hydarnis (n. comb.) (Nymphalidae: Biblidinae): Distribution, Systematic Position, and Conservation Status of a Rare and Endangered Butterfly
Author: Freitas, AVL
Kaminski, LA
Iserhard, CA
Magaldi, LM
Wahlberg, N
Silva-Brandao, KL
Marini, OJ
Abstract: The nymphalid Paulogramma hydarnis (Godart) (n. comb., previously in the genus Callicore) is an endangered butterfly present in a few montane sites in the Atlantic Forest in the Southeastern Brazil. The precise systematic position of P. hydarnis was previously unknown. Based on molecular data, we find that it is sister to Paulogramma pygas (Godart) (n. comb., also previously in Callicore), a common and widespread species in the Neotropics. In addition, we find that Callicore is not monophyletic and that "Callicore" hydarnis (along with other species) is more related to the genus Paulogramma, and should thus be placed in that genus. The genus Paulogramma is now composed by the following species: Paulogramma pyracmon (Godart), Paulogramma eunomia (Hewitson) n. comb., Paulogramma hydarnis (Godart) n. comb., Paulogramma hystaspes (Fabricius) n. comb., Paulogramma pygas (Godart) n. comb., and Paulogramma tolima (Hewitson, 1852) n. comb. Museum specimens and field data report P. hydarnis in four sites in Southeastern Brazil. Recently, P. hydarnis was recorded for the first time at Parque Nacional do Capara, states of Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais, expanding its distribution about 200 km northward of the previously known limit. Although regularly recorded in some sites, most records are historic, before the 1960s, and the current conservation situation of this species is delicate, deserving attention.
Subject: Atlantic Forest
montane fauna
Country: Brasil
Editor: Entomological Soc Brasil
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s13744-014-0200-6
Date Issue: 2014
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