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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Quasi-periodic structure of Landau magnetic levels and absorption spectra of GaAs-(Ga,Al)As Fibonacci superlattices under in-plane magnetic fields
Author: deDiosLeyva, M
BrunoAlfonso, A
Oliveira, LE
Abstract: A detailed theoretical study, in the effective-mass approximation, of the magnetic Landau subbands, wavefunctions, and intraband and interband absorption coefficients of quasiperiodic GaAs-(Ga,Al)As Fibonacci superlattices under in-plane magnetic fields is presented. Calculations are performed for in-plane magnetic fields related by tau(2) and tau(4), with tau = (1 + 5(1/2))/2 being the golden mean, and for magnetic fields appropriate for comparison with experimental measurements. It is shown that, for a given sample and in-plane magnetic field, the Landau magnetic subbands exhibit a Fibonacci-like quasi-periodic structure, and that these quasiperiodic properties are extremely useful in avoiding integration over the full range of cyclotron orbit centre positions. The intraband absorption spectra are calculated, at a given temperature, for n-doped GaAs-(Ga,Al)As Fibonacci superlattices under in-plane magnetic fields scaled by tau(2n), and the theoretical absorption spectra are shown to be self-similar (for even n) and anti-selfsimilar (for odd n). For the interband magneto-absorption spectra of GaAs-(Ga,Al)As Fibonacci superlattices, we find a self-similar behaviour of the interband absorption spectra for magnetic fields scaled by tau(2n), in agreement with available experimental data. The interband absorption coefficients are also evaluated for various in-plane magnetic fields with good overall agreement with experimental measurements.
Country: Inglaterra
Editor: Iop Publishing Ltd
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 1997
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