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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Protective T cell immunity against malaria liver stage after vaccination with live sporozoites under chloroquine treatment
Author: Belnoue, E
Costa, FTM
Frankenberg, T
Vigario, AM
Voza, T
Leroy, N
Rodrigues, MM
Landau, I
Snounou, G
Renia, L
Abstract: In this study we present the first systematic analysis of the immunity induced by normal Plasmodium yoelii sporozoites in mice. Immunization With sporozoites, which was conducted under chloroquine treatment to minimize the influence of blood stage parasites, induced a strong protection against a subsequent sporozoite and, to a lesser extent, against infected RBC challenges. The protection induced by this immunization protocol proved to be very effective. Induction of this protective immunity depended on the presence of liver stage parasites, as primaquine treatment concurrent with sporozoite immunization abrogated protection. Protection was not found to be mediated by the Abs elicited against pre-erythrocytic and blood stage parasites, as demonstrated by inhibition assays of sporozoite penetration or development in vitro and in vivo assays of sporozoite infectivity or blood stage parasite development. CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cells were, however, responsible for the protection through the induction of IFN-gamma and NO. The Journal of Immunology, 2004, 172: 2487-2495.
Country: EUA
Editor: Amer Assoc Immunologists
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 2004
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