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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Tibouchina pulchra (Melastomataceae): reproductive biology of a tree species at two sites of an elevational gradient in the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil
Author: Brito, VLG
Sazima, M
Abstract: Low-temperature environments interfere with plant reproduction by reducing the frequency of pollinators, and this may favour reproductive strategies such as self-pollination and apomixis. Tibouchina pulchra is a common tree species that occurs at high and low sites of the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest. This study focussed on the pollination biology and breeding system of this species, describing the pollinators and the reproductive success at the two sites of an elevational gradient. Observations were made to determine extent of flowering and fruiting, to identify the richness and abundance of pollinators, and to record data on the floral and reproductive biology at these two sites. Despite more dense flowering at the high site, five visits of bees (two species) were recorded during the observation time (60 h), whereas at the low site there were 948 visits (seven species) during the same period. In contrast with the low site, the flowers of the high site released and received few pollen grains on the stigma. At the high site less fruit was set with fewer seeds as a result of open pollination than at the low site; at that site, however, more seeds were obtained from cross-pollination than at the low site. Tibouchina pulchra is self-compatible; however it is not apomictic and needs pollinators for seed set at both sites. Life-history traits other than the breeding system, for example more dense flowering, advantage of greater fertility in cross-pollination, and multiple reproductive events during the lifetime of the tree may reduce inbreeding depression, increase the hybrid vigour, and balance the lack of pollinators at the high site.
Subject: Bombus morio
Buzz pollination
High and low sites
Reproductive assurance
Southeastern Brazil
Country: Austria
Editor: Springer Wien
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s00606-012-0633-5
Date Issue: 2012
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