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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Coricladus quiteriensis gen et sp nov, a new conifer in Southern-Brazil Gondwana (Lower Permian, Parana Basin)
Author: Jasper, A
Ricardi-Branco, F
Guerra-Sommer, M
Abstract: A new taxon of conifers (Coricladus quiteriensis) is described based on megafloristic remains from the roof-shale level at the Quiteria Outcrop (Rio Bonito Formation - Lower Permian - Southern Parana Basin - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil). This megafloristic community is included in the Botrychiopsis Zone - Botrychiopsis valida Sub-Zone (Kungurian/Roadian). The assemblage, preserved as impressions, do not present remains of epidermic characters, and is composed mainly of isolated vegetative branches with spirally disposed acicular leaves, presenting a conspicuous central vein and also isolated fertile branches with sparse and irregular leaves and terminal cones. Leafless principal branches. organically connected with sterile and fertile branches, are rare. Reproductive feminine scales. disposed in a plane. are organized in lax terminal cones on branches, composed by 4 (four) distal ovuliferous scales. and 8 (eight) elliptical-elongated anatropous seeds. Paleoecological data pointed out to a mesophylous to higrophylous habitat in swampy environments.
Subject: Coricladus quiteriensis
Lower Permian
Country: Brasil
Editor: Acad Brasileira De Ciencias
Rights: aberto
Date Issue: 2005
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