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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Micro-leakage at the implant-abutment interface with different tightening torques in vitro
Author: da Silva-Neto, JP
Prudente, MS
Carneiro, TDPN
Nobilo, MAD
Penatti, MPA
das Neves, FD
Abstract: Objectives: This study evaluated the microleakage at the implant/abutment interface of external hexagon (EH) implants and abutments with different amounts of bacteria and tightening torques. Material and Methods: A bacterial suspension was prepared to inoculate the implants. The first phase of this study used nine EH implants and abutments that were divided into three groups with different amounts of bacterial suspension (n=3): V0.5: 0.5 mu L; V1.0: 1.0 mu L e V1.5: 1.5 mu L, and tightened to the manufacturer's recommended torque. The second phase of this experiment used 27 assemblies that were similar to those used in the first phase. These samples were inoculated with 0.5 mu L of bacterial suspension and divided into three groups (n=9). T10: 10 Ncm; T20: 20 Ncm and T32: 32 Ncm. The samples were evaluated according to the turbidity of the broth every 24 hours for 14 days, and the bacteria viability was tested after that period. The statistical evaluation was conducted by Kruskal-Wallis testing (p<.05). Results: During the first phase, groups V1.0 and V1.5 was presented with bacterial contamination in all samples after 24 h. During the second phase, two samples from group T10 and one from T20 presented positive results for bacterial contamination. Different amounts of bacterial solution led to overflow and contamination during the first 24 h of the experiment. The tightening torques did not statistically affect the microleakage in the assemblies. However, the group that was tightened to 32 Ncm torque did not show any bacterial contamination. Conclusion: After 14 days of experimentation, the bacteria were proven to remain viable inside the implant internal cavity.
Subject: Dental implants
Dental abutments
Country: Brasil
Editor: Univ Sao Paulo Fac Odontologia Bauru
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 2012
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