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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Comparison between molecular markers and diallel crosses in the assignment of maize lines to heterotic groups
Author: Pinto, RDC
de Souza, CL
Carlini-Garcia, LA
Garcia, AAF
de Souza, AP
Abstract: Maize (Zea mays L.) inbred lines usually are assigned to heterotic groups, based either on pedigree or on the estimates of the specific combining ability (SCA). SCA estimates, however, require the production and evaluation of crosses in field trials, which makes the process lengthy and costly. inbred lines can be assigned to heterotic groups based on the genetic divergence among lines, based on the data obtained by molecular markers. The advantage Of using molecular markers is the possibility of evaluating only the more promising crosses between the most divergent lines. The use of molecular markers for this purpose has proven itself to be efficient for temperate maize populations, where the genealogies of the inbred lines are well established within a narrow genetic basis. Limited study has been conducted on the genetic diversity within tropical maize. Objectives of our study are: to assign 18 S-3 maize lines to heterotic groups based on genetic divergence obtained from RFLP markers; to compare the results based on RFLP marker data with those based on estimates of SCAs among these 18 lines evaluated in diallel crosses; to discuss the usefulness of RFLP markers in the establishment of correct heterotic group. The 18 S3 lines originated from BR-105 and BR-106 tropical maize Populations. Intra- and interpopulation single crosses were evaluated for grain yield in two and six environments, respectively, using a lattice design and having commercial hybrids as checks. It was observed that the assignment of the 18 S3 lines to heterotic groups on the basis of RFLP markers was very similar to those obtained based on estimates of SCAs. It was also verified that intrapopulation analyses were not necessary because they were similar to the interpopulation analyses.
Subject: heterotic groups
diallel analysis
Country: Itália
Editor: Maydica-ist Sper Cerealicoltur
Rights: aberto
Date Issue: 2003
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