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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Comparative seed dispersal effectiveness of sympatric Alouatta guariba and Brachyteles arachnoides in southeastern Brazil
Author: Martins, MM
Abstract: I compared the effectiveness of sympatric brown howlers (Alouatta guariba) and muriquis (Brachyteles arachnoides) as seed dispersers in terms of quantitative and qualitative attributes. 1 hypothesized chat differences in feeding and behavioral patterns between these large-bodied folivorous/frugivorous primates would lead to dissimilarities in their effectiveness as endozoochoric seed dispersal agents. The study was carried out in a semideciduous Forest Fragment of Fazenda Barreiro Rico, southeastern Brazil. Through behavioral sampling of frugvory and defecation events as well as analyses of fecal samples, I determined that A. guariba dispersed fewer species and produced a lower proportion Of Clung with intact seeds than B. arachnoides. There was no difference between the number of seeds in fecal samples of A. guariba and B. arachnoides. These primates affected to a similar degree both germination percentage and latency to germination of seeds they ingested or removed the pull) from. Howlers and muriquis Were also similar in carrying seeds away from the parent trees. Contrary to muriquis, howlers defecated seeds under the canopy of conspecific lianas, where seeds are expected to stiffer high mortality rates, and voided seeds predominantly in a clumped pattern. B. arachnoides was a more effective seed disperser when compared to A. guariba in some attributes evaluated, but not in others. Given the interspecific variation in recruitment patterns of tropical plants and the loss of frugivorous bird species at the study, site, rile differences between howlers and muriquis in their abilities as seed dispersers may, crucially influence the composition and maintenance of seedling diversity.
Subject: Alouatta guariba
Brachyteles arachnoides
seed dispersal effectiveness
semideciduous forest
southeastern Brazil
Country: Inglaterra
Editor: Blackwell Publishing
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7429.2005.00100.x
Date Issue: 2006
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