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Type: Artigo de periódico
Author: MULLER, JM
Abstract: Two mucoids strains of Pseudomonas mendocina FTPT 0597, which are able to produce biopolymer, were isolated from medium containing carbenicilin. One of them, strain M13, was selected because it presented good capacity of biopolymer production. The quality and substrate concentration to obtain the maximum biopolymer production were investigated in Erlenmeyers experiments. Also, the influence of amonium and airation over biopolymer production in one little fermentor was studied. Experiments were designed in a way that the results could be analysed by Response Surface Methodology. In a medium containing 20 g/l of glucose was possible to converte 45.9% of substrate in biopolymer utilizing 1.16 g/l of (NH4)(2)SO4 and 2.5 l/h of air. The change of amonium concentration and air rate to 0.86 g/l and 3.5 l/h respectively, produced 7.14 g/l of biopolymer.
Country: Brasil
Editor: Inst Tecnologia Parana
Rights: aberto
Date Issue: 1993
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