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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Bandoniozyma gen. nov., a Genus of Fermentative and Non-Fermentative Tremellaceous Yeast Species
Author: Valente, P
Boekhout, T
Landell, MF
Crestani, J
Pagnocca, C
Sette, LD
Passarini, MRZ
Rosa, CA
Brandao, LR
Pimenta, RS
Ribeiro, JR
Garcia, KM
Lee, CF
Suh, SO
Peter, G
Dlauchy, D
Fell, JW
Scorzetti, G
Theelen, B
Vainstein, MH
Abstract: Background: Independent surveys across the globe led to the proposal of a new basidiomycetous yeast genus within the Bulleromyces clade of the Tremellales, Bandoniozyma gen. nov., with seven new species. Methodology/Principal Findings: The species were characterized by multiple methods, including the analysis of D1/D2 and ITS nucleotide sequences, and morphological and physiological/biochemical traits. Most species can ferment glucose, which is an unusual trait among basidiomycetous yeasts. Conclusions/Significance: In this study we propose the new yeast genus Bandoniozyma, with seven species Bandoniozyma noutii sp. nov. (type species of genus; CBS 8364(T) = DBVPG 4489(T)), Bandoniozyma aquatica sp. nov. (UFMG-DH4.20(T) = CBS 12527(T) = ATCC MYA-4876(T)), Bandoniozyma complexa sp. nov. (CBS 11570(T) = ATCC MYA-4603(T) = MA28a(T)), Bandoniozyma fermentans sp. nov. (CBS 12399(T) = NU7M71(T) = BCRC 23267(T)), Bandoniozyma glucofermentans sp. nov. (CBS 10381(T) = NRRL Y-48076(T) = ATCC MYA-4760(T) = BG 02-7-15-015A-1-1(T)), Bandoniozyma tunnelae sp. nov. (CBS 8024(T) = DBVPG 7000(T)), and Bandoniozyma visegradensis sp. nov. (CBS 12505(T) = NRRL Y-48783(T) = NCAIM Y.01952(T)).
Country: EUA
Editor: Public Library Science
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0046060
Date Issue: 2012
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