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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: An automated iridium-strip heater for LA-ICP-MS bulk analysis of geological samples
Author: Stoll, B
Jochum, KP
Herwig, K
Amini, M
Flanz, M
Kreuzburg, B
Kuzmin, D
Willbold, M
Enzweiler, J
Abstract: In this paper we describe a flux-free fusion technique for the highly precise LA-ICP-MS bulk analysis of geological samples. For this purpose we have developed an automated iridium-strip heater with temperature and melt time control. To optimise the homogeneity of the fused glasses and to reduce possible depletion of volatile elements during melting, we undertook experiments with basaltic rock and glass powders using different melting temperatures (1300-1700 degrees C) and melting times (5-80 s). Major and trace element microanalysis was performed using EPMA and LA-ICP-MS. Homogeneous glasses were obtained for temperatures >= 1500 degrees C and melting times >= 10 s. High loss (20-90%) of highly volatile elements (e.g., Cs, Ge, Sn, Pb) was observed for high melting temperatures (>= 1600 degrees C) and long melting times (80 s). Standard melting conditions (1600 degrees C, 10 s) represent a compromise, as the glasses were homogeneous with respect to major and trace elements and, at the same time, were not depleted in elements with condensation temperatures (at a pressure of 10(-4) bar) higher than about 900 K (e.g., Zr, Hf, Ba, Sr, REE, U, Mo, Ni, Rb, Ga). Several international geological reference materials with SiO2 ranging between 47% m/m and 59% m/m were prepared using our standard melting conditions (1600 degrees C, 10 s) and subsequently analysed by LA-ICP-MS. These samples also include the new Brazilian basaltic reference material BRP-1. Matrix-matched calibration of the LA-ICP-MS data was performed using the basaltic reference glasses KL2-G, ML3B-G, BCR-2G and BHVO-2G. Most analytical data agreed within uncertainty at the 95% confidence level with the GeoReM preferred values published in the GeoReM database for reference materials of geological and environmental interest. To demonstrate routine bulk LA-ICP-MS analyses of geochemical and cosmochemical samples using the whole rock fusion technique, we also present trace element data for ocean island basalts from Lanai (Hawaii) and of Martian meteorites.
Subject: LA-ICP-MS
Ir-strip heater
laser ablation
trace elements
reference materials
Martian meteorites
Country: EUA
Editor: Wiley-blackwell
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 2008
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