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2016Simultaneous History-matching Approach By Use Of Reservoir-characterization And Reservoir-simulation StudiesAvansi; Guilherme Daniel; Maschio; Celio; Schiozer; Denis Jose-Congresso
2016A Trajectory Simulator For Individual Movements Using Probabilistic Distribution ProfilesFrencl; Victor B.; do Val; Joao B. R.-Congresso
2016Quality Laboratory Issues In Bleeding DisordersAdcock; D. M.; Mammen; J.; Nair; S. C.; de Lima Montalvao; S. A.-Congresso
2016Routing, Core And Spectrum Assignment Based On Connected Component Labelling For Sdm Optical NetworksMoura; Pedro M.; da Fonseca; Nelson L. S.-Congresso
2016Network Coding-aware Ieee 802.11 Mac Protocol Using Batch Transmissions And Multiple Reverse Direction ExchangesPalacios-Trujillo; Raul; Dabi; Biniam Hailu; Alonso-Zarate; Jesus; Granelli; Fabrizio; Fitzek; Frank H. P.; da Fonseca; Nelson L. S.-Congresso
2016Automatic Insertion Of Copy Annotation In Data-parallel ProgramsDiniz Mendonca; Gleison Souza; Ferreira Guimaraes; Breno Campos; Oliveira Alves; Pericles Rafael; Quintao Pereira; Fernando Magno; Pereira; Marcio Machado; Araujo; Guido-Congresso
2016On The Dark Silicon Automatic Evaluation On Multicore ProcessorsSantos; Tony; Silva; Ana; Duenha; Liana; Santos; Ricardo; Moreno; Edward; Azevedo; Rodolfo-Congresso
2016Accuracy X International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public HealthGomez-Campos; Rossana; Langer; Raquel David; Guimaraes; Roseane de Fatima; San Martini; Mariana Contiero; Cossio-Bolanos; Marco; de Arruda; Miguel; Guerra-Junior; Gil; Goncalves; Ezequiel Moreira-Congresso
2016Two-dimensional H(div)-conforming Finite Element Spaces With Hp-adaptivityDevloo; Philippe R. B.; Farias; Agnaldo M.; Gomes; Sonia M.; de Siqueira; Denise-Congresso
2016Brazilian Economic Performance Since The Emergence Of The Great Recession: The Effects Of Income Distribution On ConsumptionArestis; Philip; Baltar; Carolina Troncoso; Prates; Daniela Magalhaes-Congresso