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Type: Artigo
Title: Methylene blue reduces progression of burn and increases skin survival in an experimental rat model
Author: Rosique, Marina J.
Rosique, Rodrigo G.
Faria, Francesca M.
Oliveira, Carolina C.
Farina Jr., Jayme A.
Évora, Paulo R. B.
Abstract: Following burn, increased nitric oxide (NO) combine with superoxide anion forming peroxynitrite. Methylene blue (MB) has NO blocking and antioxidant effects. Male Wistar rats (250 g) were burned bilaterally in dorsum with a comb metal plate heated inside boiling water and applied during 30 s, creating four rectangular 10 × 20 mm full-thickness burned areas separated by three 5 × 20 mm unburned interspaces (stasis zone). 30 rats were randomized into three groups (n = 10): treated groups received one dose of intraperitoneal (IP) MB injections (2 mg/kg), one or six hours after injury, and control group received saline. Seven days after injury, wounds were visually analyzed for interspaces necrosis; full-thickness sections were evaluated with Masson staining; tissue fragments were processed for nitrite/nitrate (NOx) and malondialdehyde (MDA) dosages. Photographic analysis: interspaces progression to necrosis were higher in control (64.8%) than in one (44.7%) and six (13.3%) hours MB groups (P = 0.0060). Histopathology showed lower necrosis percentage in one (34.85%) and six (41.62%) hours MB groups than control (77.03%) (P = 0.0034) and higher normal skin percentage in one (25.33%) and six (26.85%) hours MB groups than control (8.32%) (P = 0.0037). Re-epithelialization skin areas were higher in both MB groups (39.94% for one and 31.89% for six hours) than control (14.63%) (P = 0.0210). Interspace’s NOx increased in both MB groups (P = 0.0130) with no difference in burned areas. No MDA difference was observed. IP MB injection one or six hours after injury reduced necrosis progression in stasis area in the rat comb burn model suggesting an antioxidant effect reducing oxidative stress
Subject: Óxido nítrico
Country: Reino Unido
Editor: Elsevier
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1016/j.burns.2017.04.021
Date Issue: 2017
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