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Type: Artigo
Title: Effect of resistant starch and beta-Glucan combination on oxidative stability, frying performance, microbial count and shelf life of prebiotic sausage during refrigerated storage
Author: Sarteshnizi, Roghayeh Amini
Hosseini, Hedayat
Khosroshahi, Nader Karimian
Shahraz, Farzane
Khaneghah, Amin Mousavi
Kamran, Manije
Komeili, Rozita
Chiavaro, Emma
Abstract: This study aims to evaluate the performance of two types of prebiotic sausages formulated with resistant starch (RS) and beta-glucan (BG) extract (in ratios of 2.22: 1.33 and 2.75: 1.88) during frying and chilled storage. The oxidative stability indices and microbial counts were determined. The incorporation of two types of prebiotic dietary fibre increased frying loss and oil absorption. However, the moisture content of prebiotic sausages after production was higher than of conventional sausages and it decreased significantly during storage. The use of sausage sample containing 2.22 % RS and 1.33 % BG as a recommended formulation can decrease fat oxidation of sausages during storage due to antioxidant properties of BG extract, but higher levels of RS and BG could not be used due to further increase in fat oxidation. Total viable count increased up to day 45 and decreased afterwards. The addition of BG extract improved the antioxidant properties of sausages. Additionally, the antimicrobial properties of BG and moisture reduction could inhibit microbial growth. Moreover, the addition of RS caused an increase in thiobarbituric acid and peroxide values
Subject: Beta-glucanas
Country: Croácia
Editor: Sveuciliste u Zagrebu/Prehrambeno-Biotehnoloski Fakultet
Rights: Aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.17113/ftb.
Date Issue: 2017
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