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Type: Artigo
Title: Health-related quality of life and self-reported long-term conditions: a population-based survey
Author: Zimmermann, Ivan R.
Silva, Marcus T.
Galvao, Tais F.
Pereira, Mauricio G.
Abstract: Objective: To estimate and compare the effect of self-reported long-term health conditions and sociodemographic factors on perceived health-related quality of life (HRQoL). Methods: A population-based survey of adults (18 to 65 years) living in Brasilia, Brazil, was conducted in 2012. Descriptive and multivariate analyses using a Tobit model were performed with data on sociodemographic variables, self-reported conditions, and the European Quality of Life-5 Dimensions (EQ-5D) health states, providing utility scores (preferred health state) between 0 and 1 for HRQoL estimates. Results: The mean utility of 1,820 adults interviewed (mean age: 38.4612.6 years) was 0.883 (95% confidence interval [95% CI] 0.874-0.892), with 76.2% in the highest utility range (0.8 to 1.0). EQ-5D dimensions with moderate problems were pain/discomfort (33.8%) and anxiety/depression (20.5%). Serious problems were reported by only 0.3% of the sample in the mobility and self-care domain and by 3.1% in the pain/discomfort domain. Multivariate analysis revealed reduced HRQoL in individuals with depression, diabetes, and hypertension. Living in satellite towns (outside the city core), belonging to a lower economic class, or not being formally employed were also associated with decreased HRQoL. Beta coefficients for these impacts ranged from -0.033 (not formally employed) to -0.141 (depression), reflecting the strongest impact. Conclusion: Of the long-term health conditions studied, depression had the greatest impact on HRQoL. Social class, employment status, and place of residence also affected HRQoL
Subject: Qualidade de vida
Country: Brasil
Editor: Associação Brasileira de Psiquiatria
Rights: Aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1590/1516-4446-2015-1853
Date Issue: 2017
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