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Type: Artigo
Title: Bactericidal type IV secretion system homeostasis in Xanthomonas citri
Author: Cenens, William
Andrade, Maxuel .
Llontop, Edgar
Alvarez-Martinez, Cristina E.
Sgro, Germán G.
Farah, Chuck S.
Abstract: Several Xanthomonas species have a type IV secretion system (T4SS) that injects a cocktail of antibacterial proteins into neighbouring Gram-negative bacteria, often leading to rapid lysis upon cell contact. This capability represents an obvious fitness benefit since it can eliminate competition while the liberated contents of the lysed bacteria could provide an increase in the local availability of nutrients. However, the production of this Mega Dalton-sized molecular machine, with over a hundred subunits, also imposes a significant metabolic cost. Here we show that the chromosomal virB operon, which encodes the structural genes of this T4SS in X. citri, is regulated by the conserved global regulator CsrA. Relieving CsrA repression from the virB operon produced a greater number of T4SSs in the cell envelope and an increased efficiency in contact-dependent lysis of target cells. However, this was also accompanied by a physiological cost leading to reduced fitness when in co-culture with wild-type X. citri. We show that T4SS production is constitutive despite being downregulated by CsrA. Cells subjected to a wide range of rich and poor growth conditions maintain a constant density of T4SSs in the cell envelope and concomitant interbacterial competitiveness. These results show that CsrA provides a constant though partial repression on the virB operon, independent of the tested growth conditions, in this way controlling T4SS-related costs while at the same time maintaining X. citri’s aggressive posture when confronted by competitors
Subject: Homeostase
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: Public Library of Science
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1008561
Date Issue: 2020
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