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Type: Artigo
Title: On forms of justification in set theory
Author: Barton, Neil
Ternullo, Claudio
Venturi, Giorgio
Abstract: In the contemporary philosophy of set theory, discussion of new axioms that purport to resolve independence necessitates an explanation of how they come to be justified. Ordinarily, justification is divided into two broad kinds: intrinsic justification relates to how ‘intuitively plausible’ an axiom is, whereas extrinsic justification supports an axiom by identifying certain ‘desirable’ consequences. This paper puts pressure on how this distinction is formulated and construed. In particular, we argue that the distinction as often presented is neither well-demarcated nor sufficiently precise. Instead, we suggest that the process of justification in settheory should not be thought of as neatly divisible in this way, but should ratherbe understood as a conceptually indivisible notion linked to the goal of explanation
Subject: Teoria dos conjuntos
Country: Austrália
Editor: Australasian Association for Logic
Rights: Fechado
Date Issue: 2020
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