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Type: Artigo
Title: Alcohol intake may impair bone density and new cementum formation after enamel matrix derivative treatment: histometric study in rats
Author: Correa, M. G.
Gomes Campos, M. L.
Marques, M. R.
Ambrosano, G. M. B.
Casati, M. Z.
Nociti, F. H., Jr.
Sallum, E. A.
Abstract: Background and ObjectiveAlcohol intake may interfere with bone metabolism; however, there is a lack of information about the outcomes of regenerative approaches in the presence of alcohol intake. Enamel matrix derivative (EMD) has been used in periodontal regenerative procedures resulting in improvement of clinical parameters. Thus, the aim of this histomorphometric study is to evaluate the healing of periodontal defects after treatment with EMD under the influence of alcohol intake. Material and MethodsTwenty Wistar rats were randomly assigned to two groups: G1=alcohol intake (n=10) and G2=non-exposed to alcohol intake (n=10). Thirty days after initiation of alcohol intake, fenestration defects were created at the buccal aspect of the first mandibular molar of all animals from both groups. After the surgeries, the defects of each animal were randomly assigned to two subgroups: non-treated control and treated with EMD. The animals were killed 21d later. ResultsG1 showed less defect fill for non-treated controls. Bone density (BD) and new cementum formation were lower for G1 when compared to G2, for EMD-treated and non-treated sites. EMD treatment resulted in greater BD and new cementum formation in both groups and defect fill was not significantly different between groups in the EMD-treated sites. The number of tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase-positive osteoclasts was significantly higher in G1 when compared to G2 and in EMD-treated sites of both groups. ConclusionAlcohol intake may produce a significant detrimental effect on BD and new cementum formation, even in sites treated with EMD. A limited positive effect may be expected after EMD treatment under this condition
Subject: Etanol
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: Wiley
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1111/jre.12279
Date Issue: 2016
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