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Type: Artigo
Title: Dentin hypersensitivity reduction using an arginine-based approach after non-surgical periodontal treatment
Author: Franca-Grohmann, Isabela Lima
Menck Sangiorgio, Joao Paulo
Viana Casarin, Renato Correa
Casati, Marcio Zaffalon
Sallum, Antonio Wilson
Sallum, Enilson Antonio
Abstract: Purpose: To determine the efficacy of two oral hygiene regimens in the reduction of dentin hypersensitivity (DH) on subjects undergoing non-surgical periodontal treatment (NST), over a period of 8 weeks. Methods: 60 subjects that were randomly assigned to: Test group - NST followed in-office application of an arginine-based professional paste and toothbrushing with arginine-based toothpaste at home (n= 30) and Control group - NST followed in-office application of a fluoride-free prophylaxis paste and toothbrushing with a toothpaste based on sodium monofluorophosphate 0.76%, at home (n= 30). Air blast sensitivity assessments were made using the Schiff scale. The sensitivity parameters were measured at baseline, 1, 4 and 8 weeks. Results: After 1 week, DH reduction was statistically significant for the test group (63.6%) compared to baseline, while no significant reduction was observed for the Control group (4.8%). After 4-8 weeks, the reductions were 81.6%/86.3% for the test group and 9.5%/14.2% for the Control group. When comparing the two groups, the test group showed a superior DH reduction in all evaluation periods (P< 0.05). Within the limits of the present study, it was concluded that the test oral hygiene regimen can effectively reduce dentin hypersensitivity during the most critical period after non-surgical periodontal treatment (up to 8 weeks)
Subject: Sensibilidade da dentina
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: Mosher & Linder
Rights: Fechado
Date Issue: 2016
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