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Type: Artigo
Title: Variant RHD types in Brazilians with discrepancies in RHD typing
Author: Alves Campos, Fernanda Carolina
Mota, Mariza Aparecida
Aravechia, Maria Giselda
Torres, Kelyan Bertani
Bub, Carolina Bonet
Kutner, Jose Mauro
Castilho, Lilian
Abstract: BackgroundThe knowledge of D variants in patients and donors is important because anti-D alloimmunization can occur in some but not all individuals who express a variant RHD allele. Serologic distinction of RhD discrepancies is not always straightforward, which makes molecular analysis highly desirable. MethodsA group of 223 subjects, 129 patients, and 94 blood donors was identified and analyzed on the basis of a D typing discrepancy. The D antigen expression was evaluated by tube and gel hemagglutination with four anti-D reagents. PCR-single specific primer (SSP), multiplex PCR, RHD BeadChip (Immucor), or sequencing were used for molecular analysis. ResultsIn total, 168/223 (75%) weak D and 55/223 (25%) partial D variants were identified. Hemagglutination results varied in methods and anti-D reagents used in this process. There was no standard serologic reactivity identified, which could predict what type of D variant would be identified. Among weak D samples, types 1-3 were the most common, while DAR and DVI were most prevalent among partial D samples. ConclusionOur results show that discrepancies found in the serologic typing should be investigated by molecular methods in order to determine the D variant involved and also to distinguish between weak D and partial D. The knowledge of the distribution of weak D types and partial D among populations is important for D- patients and pregnant women management
Subject: Hemaglutinação
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: Wiley
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1002/jcla.21946
Date Issue: 2016
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