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Type: Artigo
Title: Rna interference as a gene silencing tool to control Tuta absoluta in tomato (solanum Lycopersicum)
Author: Camargo, Roberto A.
Barbosa, Guilherme O.
Possignolo, Isabella Presotto
Peres, Lazaro E. P.
Lam, Eric
Lima, Joni E.
Figueira, Antonio
Marques-Souza, Henrique
Abstract: RNA interference (RNAi), a gene-silencing mechanism that involves providing double stranded RNA molecules that match a specific target gene sequence, is now widely used in ftinctional genetic studies. The potential application of RNAi-mediated control of agricultural insect pests has rapidly become evident. The production of transgenic plants expressing dsRNA molecules that target essential insect genes could provide a means of specific gene silencing in larvae that feed on these plants, resulting in larval phenotypes that range from loss of appetite to death, In this report, we show that the tomato leafminer (Tuta absoluta) a major threat to commercial tomato production, can be targeted by RNAi. We selected two target genes ( Vacuolar ATPase-A and Arginine kinase) based on the RNAi response reported for these genes in other pest species. In view of the lack of an artificial diet for T. absoluta, we used two approaches to deliver dsRNA into tomato leaflets. The first approach was based on the uptake of dsRNA by leaflets and the second was based on "in planta-induced transient gene silencing" (PITGS), a well-established method for silencing plant genes, used here for the first time to deliver in planta-transcribed dsRNA to target insect genes. Tuta absoluta larvae that fed on leaves containing dsRNA of the target genes showed an similar to 60% reduction in target gene transcript accumulation, an increase in larval mortality and less leaf damage. We then generated transgenic `Micro-Tom' tomato plants that expressed hairpin sequences for both genes and observed a reduction in foliar damage by T absoluta in these plants. Our results demonstrate the feasibilityof RNAi as an alternative method for controlling this critical tomato pest
Subject: Interferência de RNA
Country: Reino Unido
Editor: PeerJ
Rights: Aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.7717/peerj.2673
Date Issue: 2016
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