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Type: Artigo
Title: Alpha‐terpineol complexed with beta‐cyclodextrin reduces damages caused by periodontitis in rats
Author: Vasconcelos, Any Carolina Cardoso Guimarães
Abstract: This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of the treatment with alpha‐terpineol (αTPN) complexed with beta‐cyclodextrin (βCD) on oral, blood, and hepatic parameters in ligature‐induced periodontitis. Forty female rats were distributed among the following groups: control (vehicle solution), periodontitis (ligature + vehicle solution), 5 mg/kg of αTPN‐βCD (ligature), and 25 mg/kg of αTPN‐βCD (ligature). Compounds were administered daily via intraperitoneal injection over a 20‐day period. Periodontitis was induced with the bilateral insertion of ligatures around the first lower molars of each rat. Oral parameters, as well as blood biomarkers, were measured: histopathological assessment of the hepatic tissue was carried out using light and transmission electron microscopy.The treatment with αTPN‐βCD significantly improved several oral parameters and blood biomarkers in comparison with rats with periodontitis. In addition, the treatment with αTPN‐βCD significantly ameliorated the steatosis score and reduced the number of lipid droplets and the amount of foamy cytoplasm in the hepatocytes of rats with periodontitis.The results obtained suggest that the treatment with αTPN‐βCD improves several oral and blood parameters in rats with experimental periodontitis. In addition, hepatic alterations caused by periodontitis were ameliorated in the rats treated with αTPN‐βCD
Subject: Perda do osso alveolar
Doenças periodontais
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: Wiley
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1111/jre.12780
Date Issue: 2020
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