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Type: Artigo
Title: A training program using an agility ladder for community-dwelling older adults
Author: Lima, Vivian Castillo de
Castaño, Luz Albany Arcila
Boas, Vanessa Vilas
Uchida, Marco Carlos
Abstract: Aging impairs physical and cognitive functions and limits daily activities. Agility training can improve or maintain physical functioning in older people. The purpose of this study is to report the physical fitness benefits of a training program for independent community-dwelling older adults using an agility ladder. Each training session lasted approximately 30 minutes, and the benefits were achieved with two sessions per week for 14 weeks. Training was timed and involved four different drills and varying levels of difficulty through time. The exercises were performed at the School of Physical Education of the University of Campinas, São Paulo state, Brazil. The study participants (n = 16; mean age of 66.9 ± 5.0 years) were instructed to perform the exercises as quickly as possible without making mistakes and were assisted by a physical trainer when they made mistakes. Assessments were performed both before and after training using five functional tests (i.e., Illinois agility, five times sit-to-stand, timed up-and-go, walking usual speed, and one-leg stand). Although the study sample was not compared with a control group, the results indicate that training protocols using an agility ladder are easy and practical and improve physical function performance in older adults
Subject: Idosos
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: MyJove Corporation
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.3791/60468
Date Issue: 2020
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