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Type: Artigo
Title: Immersion corrosion of Sn-Ag and Sn-Bi alloys as successors to Sn-Pb alloy with electronic and jewelry applications
Author: Satizabal, Luz M.
Poloni, Erik
Bortolozo, Ausdinir D.
Osório, Wislei R.
Abstract: A comparative investigation on the degradation in two distinctive corrosive media (NaCl and ethanol) of Sn-2 wt% Ag, Sn-10 wt% Bi, and Sn-22 wt% Pb alloys and the traditional Sn-40 wt% Pb alloys is performed. The deterioration is represented by both weight variation and corrosion rate in both 0.9% NaCl solution and anhydrous ethanol. It is shown that both uncoated and gold-plated samples are more susceptible to deterioration in NaCl than ethanol medium. A mechanical-to-corrosion (M/C) ratio is determined for each examined alloy. Considering the relative weights and costs associated with both M/C ratio and environmentally-friendly aspects, the Sn-Bi alloy is a potential successor for the traditional Sn-Pb alloys.
Subject: Ligas (Metalurgia)
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: NACE International
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.5006/2039
Date Issue: 2016
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