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Type: Artigo
Title: A new species of eugenia subg. Pseudeugenia (Myrtaceae, Myrteae) from Brazilian Atlantic Forest
Author: Valdemarin, Karinne Sampaio
Faria, Jair Eustáquio Quintino
Mazine, Fiorella Fernanda
Souza, Vinicius Castro
Abstract: A new species of Eugenia from the Atlantic forest of Brazil is described and illustrated. Eugenia flavicarpa is restricted to the Floresta de Tabuleiro (lowland forests) of Espírito Santo state and is nested in Eugenia subg. Pseudeugenia. Considering all other species of the subgenus that occur in forest vegetation types of the Atlantic forest phytogeographic domain, Eugenia flavicarpa can be distinguished mainly by the combination of smooth leaves with indumentum on both surfaces, with two marginal veins, usually ramiflorous inflorescences, pedicels 4.5–9.7 mm long, flower buds 3.5–4 mm in diameter, and by the calyx lobes that are 2–3 mm long with rounded to obtuse apices. Morphological analyses were performed to explore the significance of quantitative diagnostic features between the new species and the closely related species, Eugenia farneyi. Notes on the habitat, distribution, phenology, and conservation status of Eugenia flavicarpa are provided, as well as a key for all species of Eugenia subg. Pseudeugenia from forest vegetation of the Atlantic forest phytogeographic domain
Subject: Mata Atlântica
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: American Society of Plant Taxonomists
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1600/036364420X15935294613518
Date Issue: 2020
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