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Type: Artigo
Title: A mixture of modified starch and maltodextrin for spray drying encapsulation of nigella sativa seeds oil containing thymoquinone
Author: Abedi, Abdol‐Samad
Rismanchi, Marjan
Moosavi, Motahareh Hashemi
Khaneghah, Amin Mousavi
Mohammadi, Abdorreza
Mahmoudzadeh, Maryam
Abstract: Thymoquinone (TQ), a monoterpenoid quinone, is a major bioactive component of Nigella sativa L. seeds oil, which has been proven to have therapeutic and bioactive properties. The current study is carried out to investigate the encapsulation of N. sativa seeds oil containing TQ using the mixture of modified starch (MS) and maltodextrin (MD). In this regard, the effect of the different ratios of MS:MD on encapsulation efficiency (EE), TQ retention, and other characteristics of particles is investigated. The highest EE is observed in particles with 80:20 ratio of MS:MD powders achieving more than 90%, while the sample with 50:50 ratio of the wall materials has the maximum value of the retention of TQ (61.12%). The increase of MD ratio in formulations improves the wettability (<3 min) and solubility (>90%) of the particles, decreases the moisture up to 0.08%, and decreases the EE and TQ retention till 80% and 55%, respectively. The particles prepared with 50:50 ratio of MS:MD are the best particles with acceptable EE and better TQ retention is selected to evaluate the stability of TQ during the time. Results show that the encapsulation of N. sativa seeds oil considerably prevents the degradation of TQ during storage
Subject: Sementes
Country: Alemanha
Editor: Wiley
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1002/star.201900255
Date Issue: 2020
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