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Type: Artigo
Title: Freestanding 3D graphene–nickel encapsulated nitrogen‐rich aligned bamboo like carbon nanotubes for high‐performance supercapacitors with robust cycle stability
Author: Kumar, Rajesh
Singh, Rajesh Kumar
Dubey, Pawan Kumar
Singh, Dinesh Pratap
Yadav, Ram Manohar
Tiwari, Radhey Shyam
Abstract: 3D hierarchical structures are reported based on graphene–nickel encapsulated nitrogen‐rich aligned bamboo like carbon nanotubes, which show not only high‐performance supercapacitance behavior but also a great robust cyclic stability. A facile synthesis route is developed of 2D nickel oxide decorated functionalized graphene nanosheets (2D‐NiO‐f:GNSs) hybrids and 3D nitrogen doped bamboo‐shaped carbon nanotubes (NCNTs) vertically standing on the functionalized graphene nanosheets (3D‐NCNT@f:GNSs) by using a thermal decomposition method. The chemical reduction and morphology‐dependent electrochemical response are investigated. The enhanced specific capacitance of 3D‐NCNT@f:GNSs as compared to that of 2D‐NiO‐f:GNSs suggests the synergistic effects and indicates the importance of energy storage and superior long‐term cycling performance that are achieved. This 3D‐NCNT@f:GNSs hybrid shows a remarkable cycling stability with a maximum power density of 12.32 kW kg−1 and maximum energy density of 109.13 Wh kg−1 due to the good connection of NCNT and f:GNSs. This unique 3D nano network architecture enables the availability of large surface areas of NCNT, thus endowing the nanohybrids with high specific capacitance and excellent reusability
Subject: Nitrogênio
Country: Alemanha
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1002/admi.201500191
Date Issue: 2015
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