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Type: Artigo
Title: On certain nonlocal Hardy-Sobolev critical elliptic Dirichlet problems
Author: Fiscella, Alessio
Pucci, Patrizia
Abstract: This paper deals with the existence, multiplicity and the asymptotic behavior of nontrivial solutions for nonlinear problems driven by the fractional Laplace operator (-Delta)(s) and involving a critical Hardy potential. In particular, we consider { (-Delta)(s)u - gamma u/vertical bar x vertical bar vertical bar(2s) = lambda u + theta f(x, u) + g(x, u) in Omega, u = 0 in R-N \ Omega, where Omega subset of R-N is a bounded domain, gamma, lambda and theta are real parameters, the function f is a subcritical nonlinearity, while g could be either a critical term or a perturbation
Subject: Problema de Dirichlet
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: Khayyam
Rights: Fechado
Date Issue: 2016
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