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Type: Artigo
Title: Guattari e a topografia da máquina escolar
Author: de Carvalho, Alexandre Filordi
de Camargo, Andre Campos
Abstract: This article aims to analyze the production of the school machine in its topography. The hypothesis has two sides. On one hand, the analysis of this production leads to understand how a series of conditions operated by the school is strongly linked to machinic production of capitalistic subjectivity. In the school, one find a subjectivity under direction of components and of the circuits in the same manner that a school machine produces and operates its individuals. On the other hand, one access a number of problematizations that incites and calls the thought to act regarding a short circuit of the school machine's current state. Think the topography of the school is to active ruptures and atopies, produce others wire of agency acts with school and educational experience, create other derivations that enhance the subjectivity field, bearing in mind the processes of singularization. In order to do that, the analysis concentrates on Guattari's thought
Subject: Escola
Country: Brasil
Rights: Aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.20396/etd.v17i1.8634821
Date Issue: 2015
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