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Type: Artigo
Title: Robson ten group classification system applied to women with severe maternal morbidity
Author: Ferreira, Elton Carlos
Costa, Maria Laura
Cecatti, Jose Guilherme
Haddad, Samira M.
Parpinelli, Mary Angela
Robson, Michael S.
Abstract: To evaluate the distribution of women with severe maternal morbidity according to Robson Ten Group Classification System (RTGCS). Secondary analysis of a multicenter cross-sectional study in 27 obstetric units in Brazil, using RTGCS. Cases were classified into potentially life-threatening condition or a maternal near miss or death, according to severity. Certain groups were subdivided for further analysis. Cesarean delivery (CD) rates were reported. Among 7,247 women with severe maternal morbidity, 73.2 percent underwent CD. Group 10 (single, cephalic, preterm) was the most prevalent (33.9%). Groups mostly associated with a severe maternal outcome were: 7 (multiparous, breech), 9 (all abnormal lies, single, term), 8 (all multiple), and 10. Groups 1 (nulliparous, single, cephalic, term, spontaneous) and 3 (multiparous, single, cephalic, term, spontaneous) were associated with better maternal outcome. Group 3 had one severe maternal morbidity to 29 cases of potentially life-threatening, but the ratio was 1:10 for women undergoing CD, indicating a worse outcome. Group 4a (multiparous, no previous CD, single, cephalic, term, induced labor) had a better maternal outcome than those delivered by CD before labor (group 4b). Hypertension was the most common condition of severity. The RTGCS was useful to consider severe maternal morbidity, showing groups with higher CD rates and worse maternal outcomes
Subject: Morbidade materna grave
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: Wiley
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1111/birt.12155
Date Issue: 2015
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