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Type: Artigo
Title: Physicochemical properties of interesterified blends of fully hydrogenated crambe abyssinica oil and soybean oil
Author: Guedes, Andréa Madalena Maciel
Ming, Chiu Chih
Ribeiro, Ana Paula Badan
Silva, Roberta Claro da
Gioielli, Luiz Antonio
Gonçalves, Lireny Aparecida Guaraldo
Abstract: The chemical interesterification of blends of soybean (SO) and fully hydrogenated crambe oil (FHCO) in the ratios of 80:20, 75:25, 70:30, 65:35, and 60:40 (w/w), respectively, was investigated. FHCO is a source of behenic acid. The blends and the interesterified fats were analyzed for fatty acid and triacylglycerol composition, regiospecific distribution, slip melting point, solid profile, and consistency. The regiospecific analysis of the TAG indicated random insertion of saturated fatty acids at sn‐2 of the glycerol of the interesterified blends with more significant alterations at sn‐2 than at sn‐1 and sn‐3. The gradual addition of FHCO increased the solid fat content and the slip melting point. The chemical interesterification formed new TAG facilitating the miscibility between SO and FHCO. The 70:30 interesterified blend was suitable for general use, 60:40 for use as a base stock. At 35 °C, the 65:35 interesterified blend showed suitable plasticity for use in products with fat contents below 80 %. FHCO, rich in behenic acid, is not associated with increased total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, and it can be used as a low trans fat. FHCO is not associated with increased total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, and it can be used as a low trans fat alternative
Subject: Oleo de soja
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: American Oil Chemists' Society
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s11746-013-2360-7
Date Issue: 2014
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