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Type: Artigo
Title: Radiographic bone evaluation after periodontal full mouth disinfection treatment in women undergoing chemotherapy or hormone therapy with tamoxifen
Author: Assis, Rahyza Inácio Freire de
Silva Junior, Manoelito Ferreira
Santos, Marciel Silva
Pereira, Teresa Cristina Rangel
Feitosa, Alfredo Carlos Ribeiro
Azevedo-Vaz, Sérgio Lins de
Abstract: To radiographically evaluate the alveolar bone level after periodontal full mouth disinfection (FMD) treatment in women during chemotherapy (CHE) and hormone therapy with Tamoxifen (TAM). Material and Methods: This is an uncontrolled clinical trial with a convenience sample of women in antineoplastic treatment (CHE and TAM) and non-surgical periodontal FMD treatment. The Radiographic examination consisted of four bitewing radiographs and six periapical radiographs of the upper and lower anterior teeth, acquired according to the parallelling standard technique at three times: before (T0), 3 (T3) and 6 (T6) months after periodontal treatment. The alveolar crest level in the interproximal area of each tooth was measured by two calibrated observer using magnifying glass and digital caliper. Statistical analysis was performed for evaluation of the three times in each experimental group using the Friedman test (p < 0.05) and between groups, the Mann Whitney test (p <0.05). Results: Overall, 14 women undergoing treatment for breast cancer participated in this study. A follow-up loss of five (35.71%) women occurred during the study and the final sample size was composed of nine women divided into two groups: CHE (n = 4) and TAM (n = 5). A total of 330 sites were evaluated: 126 (CHE) and 204 (TAM). The alveolar bone level showed statistically significant reduction after 6 months of FMD therapy (p <0.05), but there was no difference between antineoplastic treatment type (p> 0.05). Conclusion: Patients undergoing chemotherapy and hormone therapy with Tamoxifen showed better alveolar bone levels after six months of periodontal FMD treatment. The current antineoplasic therapy did not influence the results obtained with periodontal treatment
Subject: Neoplasias da mama
Country: Brasil
Editor: Associação de Apoio a Pesquisa em Saúde Bucal
Rights: Aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.4034/PBOCI.2016.161.23
Date Issue: 2016
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