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Type: Artigo
Title: Three new species of Pleroma (Melastomataceae) from Inselbergs of Espírito Santo, Brazil
Author: Meyer, F.S.
Goldenberg, R.
Kollmann, L.J.C.
Abstract: Three new species of Pleroma are described: Pleroma costatocalyx, P. kollmanniana and P. subsessilis. All three species are morphologically similar to Tibouchina heteromalla and related species, especially due to the shrubby habit, elongated inflorescences, flowers with purple petals, but white at their bases, antesepalous stamens with the connective covered with glandular trichomes, and by the short (ca. 4–5 mm long), curved style. All three species differ from T. heteromalla by the styles with trichomes (vs. glabrous in T. heteromalla). Pleroma costatocalyx also differs from T. heteromalla by the longitudinally costate hypanthium, P. kollmanniana by the strongly winged branches, bigger leaves, and shorter petioles, and P. subsessilis by the concolorous leaves and antepetalous stamens with glabrous connective and appendages. All new species grow in vegetation associated with inselbergs and are endemic to Espírito Santo state, despite the fact that one of them (P. costatocalyx) was collected very close to the border with Minas Gerais, where it probably occurs. We present descriptions, taxonomic comments, illustrations, and conservation status assignments for the new species.
Subject: Tibouchina
Country: Nova Zelândia
Editor: Magnolia Press
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.282.3.3
Date Issue: 2016
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