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Type: Artigo
Title: Novel extraction method to produce active solutions from plant materials
Author: Torres, R. Abel C.
Santos, Diego T.
Meireles, M. Angela A.
Abstract: A novel selective extraction method to produce active solutions with from plant materials was developed. Named by our research group as High Turbulence Extraction Assisted by Ultrasound (HTEAU) the feasibility of this process was demonstrated using semi-defatted annatto seeds (Bixa orellana L.) as a model plant material and ethanol as extracting solvent. HTEAU process combines the use of two types of commercial equipments and technologies. The first is Ultra-turrax® rotor-stator technology, which produces high turbulence in the plant material bed by high extracting solvent circulation flow rate (until 2000 cm3/min) and the second is ultrasound technology, which is recognized to improve the extraction rate by the increasing the mass transfer and possible rupture of cell wall due the formation of microcavities. These equipments were coupled and put into operation at its maximum power of operability and the values for these parameters were determined through simultaneous optimization of oils, phenols, bixin recoveries. The effects of extraction method and solvent mass to feed mass ratio (S/F) on oils, phenols, bixin recoveries were evaluated by analyses of variance (ANOVA), demonstrating that the coupling of ultrasound probe into the Ultra-turrax® equipment statistically promotes the selective extraction of total phenols and bixin.
Subject: Urucum
Country: Estados Unidos
Editor: Scientific & Academic Publishing
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.5923/j.fph.20150502.02
Date Issue: 2015
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