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Type: Artigo
Title: Comparison of different brazilian citrus by-products as source of natural antioxidants
Author: Barbosa, Paula de Paula Menezes
Ruviaro, Amanda Roggia
Macedo, Gabriela Alves
Abstract: Significant amounts of citrus by-products remain after juice processing, which is then used to obtain pectin. The pectin industry then generates a new waste. No study has characterized this residue or suggested applications for it. The main goal of this study was to compare citrus industrial by-products that remain after juice (CJB) and pectin (CPB) extraction, aiming to obtain bioactive compounds. The residues were evaluated for their chemical composition, antioxidant capacity, and polyphenols content. CJB had 2-fold higher total phenols than CPB. Moreover, CJB exhibited higher antioxidant capacity than CPB. Nine polyphenols were detected; hesperidin was the main compound on both residues. CPB had higher content of polyphenols than CJB, which can be attributed to the industry procedure of pectin extraction. Thus, this study provides support for the reuse of CPB to obtain nutraceutical compounds, converting waste into added-value products
Subject: Flavanonas
Country: Coréia do Sul
Editor: Korean Society of Food Science and Technology
Rights: Fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s10068-018-0383-4
Date Issue: 2018
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