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Type: Artigo
Title: A review on geotrichum lipases: production, purification, immobilization and applications
Author: Maldonado, R. R.
Lopes, D. B.
Aguiar-Oliveira, E.
Kamimura, E. S.
Macedo, G. A.
Abstract: Lipases are enzymes produced from innumerous microorganisms, plants and animal cells. They catalyze reactions of different lipid sources. The Geotrichum fungi are good producers of lipases with high hydrolytic activity and specificity for unsaturated fatty acids. A great number of studies have reported the importance of lipase from this genus and described important fermentation parameters for the enzyme production, such as nutrients, temperature, pH, inoculum, time of fermentation and others. Furthermore, different strategies have been used to purify and immobilize lipases from Geotrichum and innumerous applications are cited in different processes as polyunsaturated fatty acids enrichment, hydrolysis and esterification of fat and oils, synthesis of aromas, biodiesel, and many others. This review highlights fundamental aspects of the production, purification, characterization, immobilization, and the applications of lipases produced by the genus Geotrichum
Subject: Lipase
Country: Croácia
Editor: Hrvastsko Drustvo Kemijskih Inzenjera i Tehnologa
Rights: Aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.15255/CABEQ.2016.907
Date Issue: 2016
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